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Welcome. I am honored to have you engage here!

I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 30 years. From business investments to residential investments, real estate in New York has always been a personal passion. Through all my experiences there is one thing I have mastered, and that is the unprecedented ability to see visions clearly, map out a fundamental plan to achieve it, and make it happen.

A large part of my heart is helping others attain their goals, realize their dreams, and just be happy. As a result, it raises me up as a real estate professional to not only do the best I can, but also to do the best that it can be done. I believe it takes both to have extraordinary success. My philosophy is simple. Know your vision, put a fundamental plan into action, and do it! In today's market, it takes partnering with a real estate professional like myself, who can make it happen.

If you are an investor with short term or long term goals, let me strategize with you and design a roadmap to your real estate destinations that have the potential to get you there easier, and also advise you on the potential risks with different routes.

Perhaps you are entering a new season in life and you’re curious about selling your home, buying a home, or both. Maybe you have hardship and need support and advice on the best way out. Whatever your situation, you are not alone. ON behalf of myself and the fabulous team at Executive Group Realty, we are here to help! Transitions in life are important, and we understand this. So why not understand your options and see what that landscape might look like for you? This is why it is key to have that conversation with a real estate salesperson like myself so that you get professional advice, discuss a potential timeline, appropriately prepare you in every way, and ultimately guide you through the entire transaction from concept to closing.

These are unique times as we all journey through the Covid-19 climate together. What we have learned is that there are new standards, important protocols, and due to the unprecedented climate we see a vast and exciting shift in residencies and businesses, and an urgency that requires a professional realtor like myself who is grounded, focused, and keen on getting you results. Today's environment has the potential to bring new opportunities, new homes, new business ventures, and opportunities for extraordinary growth!

Let’s connect today, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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